Unleashing the power of the mind

By Gary R. Huspek

Unleashing the power of the mind, the most powerful mechanism known to man. The mind has eluded the scientific community since the beginning of time - no one to date has even come close to tapping into its capabilities.

Can the mind be downloaded in order for it to be completely reprogrammed to demonstrate its maximum capabilities? Answer YES. But still being researched.

We have two ways to reprogram (1) as a weapon of mass destruction or (2) explore all of its capabilities for maximum benefit.

Imagine for a moment what you could do with unlimited power to see the past or the future, of things to come, to see into others minds. Have you ever looked at someone and asked yourself "I sure would like to know what he or she is thinking"? I believe everyone at one time or another has.

Would you like to make things move by thought? Would you like to leave your physical body and travel to any place without limitation? Imagine touching someone and them feeling your energy flow from the top of their head to the tips of their toes. What would you do if you had the knowledge about everything that is or ever will be?

Would you like to be free from fear, anxiety and the feeling of frustration? If your answer is yes, than it is time for you to become a free spirit.

Let's discuss "overlay" - this process is quicker than "downloading" but there is the chance that the deep seeded programs may surface at unpredictable times (possibility).

How than do we get to the core of the brain to extract that part of the memory in order to reprogram it? So far, hypnosis seems to be the only way to unlock the door to the area where the memory can be deleted and new data reinstalled.

If you wold like to participate in this adventure of mind development I would like you to do the following: create an audio tape with your voice giving the commands. Memory responds much more effectively to its own commands. Always conduct sessions in early morning hours after the brain has had time to relax and revitalize itself; response to positive input is at its peak.

In the past everyone suggested late evening would be best suited for reprogramming. This is the wrong approach, simply because the brain is too tired and does not respond well. It is still trying to sort out the day's activities which could have a strain which caused an accumulation of frustration.

Reprogramming of the mind also includes purification of the heart, which instills a kindness and understanding of your fellow man. Without this purification process you take the risk of becoming a egotistical soul that prevents you from interacting with others in a positive way, this could prove harmful to you and others who want to learn from you.

Remember you are becoming the beacon of all that is good and the masses will look up to you for guidance. Many will become dependent on you; you will become their mentor.

Right at this moment you are thinking to yourself "this could never be me". I am too shy or I suffer from panic attacks. I have problems just expressing myself to others. But I say unto you - together we can be everything that is good, if you are willing to try. Reach out - it's yours…

To begin with the implementation phase of the new you, you must set aside a period of time, usually in the early hours of the morning. This is when the mind is most receptive because you have allowed the time for the mind to benefit from its rest and relaxation time...

An example of this is dreams - in 90% of all cases dreams only begin after the mind has replenished itself .

Let's get you started on the "new you". First of all you will need a recording device that has the ability for none-stop playing such as a tape recorder with automatic reverse, so there are no interruptions during your hour of programming each morning.

Since you will be creating a subliminal recording, you first need to record a sound that you find totally relaxing, such as ocean waves, music or anything that causes your mind and body to relax. Next you can move to step two, which is to overlay your own voice onto the recording. Remember - your own voice is more powerful than anything you can buy on the market.

Most old eight-track systems are ideal because they have two input microphone jacks which allows you to record both sounds at the same time. Background and voice.

Third, and most important, is where in the programming process you would like to begin. For example, do you find it hard to communicating with others? Then this may be a good starting point. It is totally up to you as to where you want to start.

If you are married, you will need to come to an understanding with your spouse on what you are going to accomplish and what to expect as these changes start taking effect. You will become a free spirited soul in order to be everything you always dreamed of being, occasionally the "new you" will not be totally acceptable by your spouse, so expect a few difficult times to occur.

To assure your success I am available for any question you may want to ask at ghuspek@earthlink.net - never feel embarrassed to ask any question regarding your reprogramming progress; it's all free of any charges. It is all about people helping people to be the best they can be. My pay is just knowing another star has been born and will use this new found freedom for the good of everyone and maybe help others to become a free spirited soul to enjoy life as God had intended.

In addition, as we travel down life's highway maybe we can all get together to do something that that would benefit mankind. Would you like to leave your body and enter a world of creativity and imagination where there are no limits? We can soar to the highest peaks, see things beyond imagination and the only password needed is your free spirit and a quest for adventure.

Every day can be a new adventure. We are not limited by time or space; only by our thoughts. We can travel by the speed of light or faster if you would like. There is an exciting world of imagination just waiting for you.

We are all considered extensions of each other - what one lacks, the other has, and together a powerful bond emerges. Remember the first step to a new and wonderful life may appear to be a major stumbling block but I can assure you it will be a step of enormous growth and freedom.

Let's get back to your starting process. After you have made your tape you're half way home; next, set aside 1 hour each morning to begin the reprogramming process. Select your words carefully for maximum penetration - make them short but to the point, also make them repetitive. You will more than likely feel a change within the first 5 days of the process. Within in 30 days you will start hearing comments from friends and co-workers such as "you seem different but I can not put my finger on it".

This and other such statements are regarded as indicators; kind of a progress report that gives you the confidence that you are right on track. After 60 days, 90 percent of the reprogramming should have formed a solid foundation. All of the changes you desired are operational now you and everyone around you know that the "new you" has arrived.

The next 30 days using my perception are going to be the most exciting ones, because now we will be crossing over to a new plane where very few have ever gone and you will become one of the elite. This is the point where limits do not exist - this is where your free spirit can reach the heavens.

Many changes are about to occur, all for the good. You will acquire many new friendships and most of them will be highly educated people. Your interests will change regarding your line of work, with offers from newly acquired friends to come and work for them.

People will want to be around you because their life seems to have meaning when they are close to you. In a manner of speaking you will become a teacher - you will be capable of motivating others to reach for the stars to a very special place where dreams become realities.

At this point, I would ask you to look in the mirror and review what you see. The time has arrived for a self-evaluation. Are you where you wanted to be? Are there any areas you're missing or could improve on? Are there areas you might want to delete from your program? Go over your accomplishments - have you excelled beyond even your own comprehension? If the answer is "yes", then you have completed your mission successfully

Your life is your own now and no one can ever take it away from you. I am proud of you. Now I would like to know if you would consider working with me on a very special project referred to as "operation LOCATOR". It's basically a way of locating persons or objects using your mind as your guiding point (mind thought) via computer.

I have been working a long time on this process. Results have been limited due to a great amount of distractions beyond my control. I want you to know that this is not required of you, but just an inquiry if you would like to assist. You are not obligated in any way to even reply.

However, I would like to express some points regarding "operation LOCATOR". First of all, it's not a job but an adventure. It will be interesting and at times it could even become frightening, depending on what develops during the process. It takes a curious mind to venture into the unknown where there are no rules to guide you and basically no game plan once you have arrived. That is what makes it an adventure.

It could also be regarded as a Mission of extreme benefit to others which leads back to people helping people. There is nothing in it for us such as fame or anything else regarding recognition - it is a venture in self-satisfaction (SILENCE). Only the few will know.

Gary R Huspek